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By George Karl

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If PG sets a solid screen, C should be wide open in the lane. If the defense switches, a size advantage is created, allowing a lob pass. Diagram C illustrates another option if C does not get free off the pick. PF dribbles toward PG, who breaks off the screen to receive a pass. C continues down the lane and loops back to establish a good low post position on his defender. PG attempts to get the ball into C on the low post. Coaching Point: The emphasis should be on PG setting a good screen and on C decoying his defender before cutting off the pick.

PF rolls to the hoop off the pick, giving PG another option. Coaching Point: Quick movement from one option to the next should be emphasized. Page 19 Drill #10: Spread the ''D" Objective: To safely inbound the ball using a box set; to spread the defense to facilitate getting the ball in the lane. Description: The drill begins with the small forward (SF) inbounding the ball and the rest of the offense positioned as shown in Diagram A. The center (C) and power forward (PF) cross up the lane to screen for the shooting guard (SG) and the point guard (PG).

Description: The drill begins with the offense positioned in a closed-up box formation as shown in the diagram below. The shooting guard (SG) is inbounding the ball. The point guard (PG) breaks out of the box to the high wing and serves as a last-choice receiver. The small forward (SF) breaks to the corner, drawing his defender away from the basket. The power forward (PF) screens his defender away from the center (C), and C moves in behind the PF's pick to receive the inbound pass. PG should lob the ball to C down low in the lane.

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