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By Eran S. Kemp

"Born of Fire," is the namesake solid into Entite legend for the fellow who walks among the celebs along with his wolf shadow pacing menacingly round his each step. identified via such a lot because the 'Vasuman,' or 'Wolf,' the best of the sunshine harvesters is deceitfully framed for the main abhorrent crime in the void-realm. For a long time he has been respected by means of his family as a mythical hero, the savior of sunshine, and considered by way of all as a celebrated shadow god. abruptly in spite of the fact that, he reveals himself without warning solid into the position of final villain, and needs to by surprise conjure forth each drop of crafty he possesses in a single ultimate contest that could result in his personal destruction. the realm of better beings quickly learns the reality in the back of a few of their maximum mysteries together with the genuine id of 1 in their personal type. the true deceiver crosses paths with the wolf, and just one will live to tell the tale the damaging street to redemption as 3 worlds cling within the stability. Earth, Nepenthe, and the realm of the good shadow cats face whole annihilation except a unmarried celebrity, Volstaire, will be repaired. As time races to a serious level, the wolf of legend fights opposed to not just an outraged race of super-beings, yet is ready to confront the best chance the void-realm has ever recognized. For the 1st time in his lifestyles, he borders his personal verge of collapse. the best problem ever witnessed in the realm of godlike beings is ready to happen.

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As the stories become less mythical, and more like stories and romances, Men are interwoven. For the most part these are ‘good Men’ – families and their chiefs who rejecting the service of Evil, and hearing rumours of the Gods of the West and the High Elves, flee westward and come into contact with the Exiled Elves in the midst of their war. The Men who appear are mainly those of the Three Houses of the Fathers of Men, whose chieftains become allies of the Elflords. * There are thus two marriages of mortal and elf – both later coalescing in the kindred of Eärendil, represented by Elrond the Half-elven who appears in all the stories, even The Hobbit.

Very slowly, beginning with fair motives: the reorganising and rehabilitation of the ruin of Middle-earth, ‘neglected by the gods’, he becomes a re-incarnation of Evil, and a thing lusting for Complete Power – and so consumed ever more fiercely with hate (especially of gods and Elves). All through the twilight of the Second Age the Shadow is growing in the East of Middle-earth, spreading its sway more and more over Men – who multiply as the Elves begin to fade. The three main themes are thus The Delaying Elves that lingered in Middle-earth; Sauron’s growth to a new Dark Lord, master and god of Men; and Númenor-Atlantis.

This does not happen, however, in the North West; for thither, because of the Elves, only the Faithful who remain Elf-friends will come. The chief haven of the good Númenóreans is near the mouth of the great river Anduin. Thence the still beneficent influence of Númenor spreads up the River and along the coasts as far north as the realm of Gilgalad, as a Common Speech grows up. But at last Sauron’s plot comes to fulfilment, Tar-Calion feels old age and death approaching, and he listens to the last prompting of Sauron, and building the greatest of all armadas, he sets sail into the West, breaking the Ban, and going up with war to wrest from the gods ‘everlasting life within the circles of the world’.

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