A Brief History Of Saudi Arabia (Brief History) - download pdf or read online

By James Wynbrandt

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These were the Satanic Verses. They are recorded in Muhammad’s biography by Ibn Ishaq, but they are not in the Quran. Through the ages, they have represented a theological dilemma for the faithful, as the episode suggests a fallibility on the part 38 THE BIRTH OF ISLAM of Muhammad, who is considered infallible. His disavowal of those verses strained relations with the Quraysh further. The Hegira At this time, the oasis city of Yathrib, a cultural center some 250 miles northeast of Mecca, was roiled by Arab tribal disputes between the Aws and the Khazraj.

Shrines and holy places were found throughout the peninsula. Among the thousands of inscriptions discovered within the peninsula, invocation of various deities is the most common subject. The Bedouin also incorporated beliefs of Semitic astral religions, recognizing deities associated with heavenly bodies. Several goddesses (al-Lat, al-Uzzah, al-Manat) were revered above all. Some animistic religions also recognized a superior deity, Allah, though this figure’s powers seem vaguely defined and the veneration accorded it weak.

The Romans called the area Arabia Felix, “happy or fortunate Arabia,” as the goods that came from there showed it to be a land of plenty. For centuries Saba’s control extended from the territory of the Old Qataban into Africa. , the mastery of sailing allowed traders to use the monsoon winds to sail nonstop from Arabia and Africa to India. C. The expanding maritime trade spelled the decline of the caravan trade and the cities along the land routes, and this led the kingdoms of southern Arabia to develop ports.

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