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By Arve Elvebakk, Pål Prestrud

ISBN-10: 8276660940

ISBN-13: 9788276660944

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Arcuata and subsp. phologically homogeneous. ) Blytt are cornmon in many found in the Pyramiden area in Isfjorden and also areas within their range and justify the separation differing from the other material in less tufted of these taxa at subspecific rather than specific growth and taller culms. They have tentatively leve!. Subsp. arcuata is apparently the only taxon been named as F. vivipara var. "hirsuta". but present on Bjørnøya (Engelskjøn 1986a) and is might possibly represent the hybrid F.

Pulchel/a s. lat. It was typified found them to be heterogeneous, including speci­ on material from "Sassenbay" , mens of tall-growing P. pulehella , some specimens (28/8 1908, leg. H. Resvoll-Dieset, O), in the of P. chamissonis, and specimens differing from inner Isfjorden area. Hyperithatten The material combines (1961 and characters from P. chamissonis and P. pulche/la later) are based on this mixture. His illustration and can be interpreted as representing a possibly both. The descriptions of Rønning of "P.

Hookeriana Lehm. together in mixed populations. In facultative apomicts this would favour hybrid­ isation, especially as all taxa are large-flowered and probably insect-pollinated. The majority of the Svalbard material of the P. nivea complex can be separated in twa closely related speeies: P. nivea and P. chamissonis. (59) Potentilla X insularis Sojak (Potentilla chamissonis X pulehella) Plants generally resembling P. ehamissonis and Potentilla nivea is mainly characterised by petioles P. nivea, but with regularly digitate or pinnate covered by short, ftoccose hairs, while P.

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A Catalogue of Svalbard plants, fungi, algae and cyanobacteria by Arve Elvebakk, Pål Prestrud

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