Absolute Stability of Nonlinear Control Systems - download pdf or read online

By Xiao-Xin Liao

ISBN-10: 9401706085

ISBN-13: 9789401706087

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ISBN-13: 9789401706100

This quantity offers an summary of a few fresh advancements on absolutely the balance of nonlinear keep watch over systems.
bankruptcy 1 introduces the most instruments and the critical effects utilized in this booklet, equivalent to Lyapunov features, K-class features, Dini-derivatives, M-matrices and the critical theorems on international balance. bankruptcy 2 offers absolutely the balance thought of self sustaining regulate platforms and the well known Lurie challenge. bankruptcy three offers a few easy algebraic invaluable and enough stipulations for absolutely the balance of a number of certain regulate platforms. bankruptcy four discusses nonautonomous and discrete keep an eye on platforms. bankruptcy five bargains with absolutely the balance of regulate platforms with m nonlinear regulate phrases. bankruptcy 6 devotes itself to absolutely the balance of keep watch over structures defined through useful differential equations.
The booklet concludes with an invaluable bibliography.
For utilized mathematicians, and engineers whose paintings includes regulate systems.

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4) is absolutely stahle. Proof. We construct the Liapunov function V(x) then dVI de = xTPx CI. 2. ,) + J:f(~)d~ + = - xTGx = - xTGx + 2f(~) ( Pb1 +"2c )T x - - pP(~) ~)(p + cTA-lb)f(~) + f(~) {2u x + pcT A-Ix} T - pP(~) = W(X) Jx1f(~) Jx1f(~) I ~- Jx1f(a). Example 2. 2. 10. 5) + f (XI - xz), f E F, and the coefficient matrix A = ( 1) O has a pair of purely - 1 O imaginary eigenvalues. Thus, Example 2. 2. 10 is neither a Lurie direct control system, nor a Lurie indirect control system, but a more complicated critical case.

In fact, we construct V(x) = xTPx + P I/(tI)dtl, by the condition 2). n = xT(PA ~- + ATP)X + (2Pb + PATc)Txl(tI) + pcTbfZ(tI) tt ~ - ~( Iti 1> , ~ E K. Thus aII the conditions of Theorem 2. 2. 4 are satisfied, and the desired conclusion 36 2. AUTONOMOUSCONTROLSY~S I of the theorem holds. As a special case, Theorem 2. 2. 1l = xTPx + {J f:f(I1)dc1, negative definite for positive definite P • 1f A is slable anii there exist a constant {J;;:;O anii a sym- Corollary 2. 2. 8. 2. 1) is absolutely slable.

2) and (2. 2. 3), it follows 1 tp,( «1(t) 1) ~ V,(x(t» ~ V,(xo) < tp,(I:). 2. I) is stable for D. o. Let us prove that Iim «1(t) = '_+00 For any Xo E R" it follows from (2. 2. 3) that V,(x(t» is monotone decreasing and has a lower bound. Thus there exists inf V,(x(t» = Iim V,(x(t» ~a ~ O '_+00 ';;"0 and acan only be reached on D. If a is reached outside D, then there must exist a constant p > Osuch that sequence {tl} with t l a= infV,(x(t» '>'0 -+ 1«1(t) 1 ~ 00 as Il P> Ofor ali t ~ to. _+CID Iim V,(X(tl» = '..

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