Advances in Sulfur Chemistry, Volume 2 - download pdf or read online

By C.M. Rayner

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This quantity is a testomony to the ongoing significance of sulfur chemistry, and the great growth that has been made lately.

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By slowly adding the enethiol to a suspension of solid sodium hydroxide or cesium carbonate in diethyl ether (Scheme 32). In this way^^'^^ the compounds with the 8- (n = 5), 12- (n = 9) and 14- (n = 11) membered rings were synthesized in good yields. C. Synthesis of Open-Chain a-Silyl Vinyl Sulfides The simplest compound in this series, 1-phenylthio-l-trimethylsilyl ethylene 45, was conveniently prepared by Magnus and co-workers either by reaction of a-lithio vinyl phenyl sulfide 46 with trimethylsilylchloride,^^ or by addition of arylsulfeny 1chloride to vinyl trimethylsilane followed by elimination of hydrogen chloride^^ (Scheme 33).

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