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By Koichi Tohei

ISBN-10: 028550195X

ISBN-13: 9780285501959

Aikido is in strict accord with the legislation of nature and provides a outstanding co-ordination of psychological and actual states. each circulation calls for consistent perform and excellent co-ordination. This publication explains intimately Aikidos guiding spirit and the fifty easy options.

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He went there on the occasioo of the completion of Hawaii Aiki Kwaikan. and performed his expert art besides giving invaluable instructions. ! An Honor- awarded 10 tbose who ha\'~ outstandingly contributed toward ing, arts, invention, rreative work, ~tc. furtberanc~ of learn- • Do not criticize any of the other martial arts. of others and it will surely come back to you. Speak ill Tile mountain docs not laugh at the river because it is towly, nor docs the river speak ill 01 the mountain because it connot move about.

It would be well if in the end, without conscious thought. you arc able to perform your daily acts in such a state. At first, this state of being is easily disturbed. If you become aware thai you are not in this state, you can think of the one point and create this condition ;Igain. You can gradually lengthen the time you are in this state and finally you will be able to continue this state of being even in your sleep. When you reach this stage of development, everything can be done by the po\\er of mental and physical coordination and you can use your new power to your heart's content.

Over 2000 men practice AIKIDO and there are over 100 Yudansha (black belt holders). and AIKIDO is being spread to the mainland United States. In France, there is lm instructor, who has allained the sixth rank in AIKIDO. He bas given AIKIDO instruction for the past six years and ;s continuing to tmin many students. Some of them went especiaJ1y to J3p3n. remained at the headquarters Dojo for a year practicing AIKIDO. The spirit of universal love and the rationale of non-resistance are being understood by people all over the world today.

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