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Melissa had gone. Jonathan was right there. Willa Okati All It Takes - 64 - Still trying to shake the feeling of doing something wrong, Sullivan slid his palm over the strong muscles in Jonathan’s back. “Glad you made it,” he said, honestly enough. “I could take you on the tour, but it’s really more of a spin. ” Jonathan tipped his head back and tucked his hands into his jeans pockets. He looked around himself, at the overflowing bookshelves, the covered drawing table, the impressionistic oil canvases decorating the walls, the framed photographs, and the candles Melissa had lit before they’d made up the bed.

No good. More silence. He didn’t realize he’d landed on her hip until he felt it move under his touch, the joints flexing. He hadn’t felt the curve of a woman’s lush ass in ages, much longer than forty-two days, and the abrupt re-familiarization left him briefly reeling. Melissa felt so fucking good that the sensation startled Sullivan. He couldn’t quite take his hand away, either. The heat from her pussy tickled at the edge of his hand. He realized he could smell her, the warm, ripe femininity of her, and his cock began to grow hard with this new awareness.

Why, Mr. Whitfield. ” Sullivan propped himself on an elbow, reaching out to touch Melissa. Funny how he always wanted to run his fingers over her skin. He marveled again at the strange magic which had touched his life, turning a one­ time fantasy of a tough, punked-out woman into a living, breathing best friend. Then, he shivered, realizing how quickly she could change back. Not from ashes to ashes, but from ink to ink. ” Melissa tilted her head, a soft smile touching her lips. ” Sullivan laid his hand on Melissa’s shoulder and squeezed.

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