An Introduction to Critical Thinking and Creativity: Think by J. Y. F. Lau PDF

By J. Y. F. Lau

ISBN-10: 0470195096

ISBN-13: 9780470195093

This booklet is set the fundamental rules that underlie serious pondering and creativity. nearly all of the content material is on severe pondering due to the fact extra themes are certainly concerned and because they are often mentioned without problems and systematically. the previous few chapters are dedicated to creativity and learn technique, no longer usual the book’s plethora of festival. every one bankruptcy introduces a selected subject, often by means of introducing the appropriate theories along side real looking examples that convey how the theories will be utilized. every one bankruptcy concludes with a collection of routines whose recommendations are special on the rear of the publication. whereas the writing variety is purposefully casual, the presentation is whole, at the least with recognize to the meant introductory point.

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Consider the definition of religion as any belief system that includes worshiping a god who created the universe. This definition is too narrow since it excludes religions that do not postulate a creator, such as Jainism and certain versions of Buddhism and Daoism. Daoism -^. f ^ ^ I religions X ^ /-—-s"\ f \ \ ^ ^ _ ^ belief systems that \^ * N < | worship a creator ^S Christianity Notice that a definition can be too wide and too narrow at the same time. Suppose someone defines bravery as "not running away from danger".

It is impossible to dissolve gold in pure water. • It is impossible to travel from India to France in less than one hour. • It is impossible to vote in Australia if you are under 18. The word impossible does not have the same meaning in these statements. In the first statement, what is being referred to is logical impossibility. Something is logically impossible if it is contradictory or against the laws of logic. Thus a round square is a logical impossibility, and it is logically impossible for there to be a red square without there being a square.

D) An atheist is a person who does not believe in the existence of God. e) X is harder than Y = X can make a scratch on Y but not the other way round. 2 Evaluate these definitions and see if they have any problems. a) Hatred = the wish to harm other people or to ruin something that is important to them. b) Biology is when you study living organisms. c) What is Yin? Not Yang. What is Yang? Not Yin. d) Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness. (Oliver Wendell Holmes) e) Love is the affinity experienced between two people who are naturally able and willing to tune into one another's emotional, intellectual, and physical states—and respond to them in a nurturing and a stimulating way.

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