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F5)(2). a 03 the special role that . {fi(l)} plays? 12 Let { fi)gl be a sequence of arithmetic functions, none of which is identically zero. Also assume that f l * f 2 * - - - converges. Prove that f l * f 2 * # 0. Hint. Consider the f; for which fi(1) = 0. 11 Let {hj}j”,l be a sequence of arithmetic functions with h j ( 1 ) = 0 f o r all j . Then, for all indices u > logn/log2, (hl * Proof. Suppose u - . * h,)(n) = 0. > logn/log2. In at least one ni satisfies ni 5 n1lu < 2. Thus ni = 1, hi(ni) = 0 , and so (hl * .

Familiar facts about F, include the following: (1) F, is monotone nondecreasing (write briefly: ‘Y,’ or “increasing”), (2) IF(b) - F(a)I 5 IF,(b) - F,(a)I for all a, b E Iw, (3) if F f, then F, = F . A function F supported in [l,oo) is loc. V. iff F,(x) < oo for each real z. For example, if F ( z ) = [XI - x 1 for x 2 1 and F ( z ) = 0 for x < 1, then F,(x)= + x - 1 for x 2 1. S. integral following S. Pollard (cf. Notes) by using refinements of partitions. S. S. sums are required to tend to a limit as the distance + [XI between consecutive partition points tends to zero.

577215.. 5 if a > 1; if 0 < a < 1, then [ is defined by Q [ ( a )= -1-a (t - [t])dt. 5) is absolute. Proof. 12 and let a = 1, b = x, and c = 0. We obtain c l

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