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A part of the 10-volume set local the USA, this identify tells the heritage and tradition of Arctic peoples. It starts off with a short set advent that discusses a few of the large background and issues discovered all through Arctic peoples' tradition, in addition to explains the concept that of tradition components to scholars.

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Many tools and weapons were carved with intricate designs that included animals. The Aleut wore special hunting hats that included small carvings of the animals they were hunting. Traditional carvings by Aleut and Inuit carvers are in the collections of many museums. Today, many Arctic people continue to create carvings that are in high demand among art dealers and collectors. TRANSPORTATION Hunters in the Arctic region typically made their own spears. In this 1935 photograph, Simiguluk, an Inuit from Point Barrow, Alaska, poses with spears he has made.

In many cases, the second wife was the sister of the first wife. In some small villages, there was an imbalance between the number of adult men and women. If there were more men than women, a woman might take a second husband. Some marriages were arranged by the families. Others were agreed to by the man and woman. In some communities, when a young man wanted to marry, he would give the young woman’s mother the furs needed to make a parka for the potential bride. If the woman wanted to accept the marriage proposal, she would bring a meal to her suitor in the kashim.

When the pieces of her fingers fell into the sea they became seals. Sedna grabbed the boat again, and her father hit her fingers again. This time, the pieces of her fingers that came off became walruses. The third time this happened, whales were created and without any fingers Sedna sank to the bottom of the sea where she continues to dwell and be responsible for the sea animals that the people depend on. ) 8888888888888888888888888888888 plant, animal, and human—have souls. They also believe that dreams are journeys that their souls take.

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