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Bargains with easy ideas of uneven catalysis targeting its man made value. Covers homogeneous uneven hydrogenation, uneven catalysis through chiral steel complexes, heterogeneous catalysis and non-organometallic catalysis. the gathering of a variety of stereoselective reactions illustrate a variety of ideas and methodologies in addition to their basic software.

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ITBS 1 Cargill, R. L. Tetrahedron Lett. 1967 2 Cargill, R. L. Chem. 1970 3 Narasaka, K. ChemLeff. 1993 4 Cargill, R. L. Acc. Res. 1974 5 Fetizon, M. J. Comm. 1975 6 Kakiuchi, K. Am. Soc. 62 g, 78 mmol) in pentane (80 mL) was irradiated (Corex) for 30 min. The residue obtained after evaporation of volatiles, was dissolved in EtzO (100 mL) and added to dry liquid NH3 (2,000 mL). The solution was treated with Na until a blue color was obtained. After additional 10 min stirring, NH&I was added and NH3 was evaporated.

After 20 h heating at 8OoC (shielded from light), the cooled mixture was concentrated in vacuum, and the residue filtered through a short column of SiOn (CH2C12). Evaporation of the solvent and chromatography (Si02 CH2C12)afforded: 8 mg of 2 (recovered), I (recovered) and a mixture of 3 (99 mg, 60%). Ratio cis:trans 9O:lO. 38 Organic Syntheses Based on Name Reactions B 0 R C H Reduction Reductive amination of aldehydes or ketones by cyanoborohydride (or triacetoxyborohydride)6 anion. Selective reduction of carbonyls to alcohols, oximes to N-alkylhydroxylamines, enamines to amines (see 1st edition).

Helv. Chim. Acfa 1947 30 1741 4 Stoll, M. Helv. Chim. J. J. Am. Chem. SOC. T. Chem. Rev. T. Synthesis 1971 1905 140 1593 236 Organic Syntheses Based on N a m e Reactions 41 B 0 Y L A N D - S I M S o-Hydroxylaniline Synthesis Oxidation of dialkylanilines or their N-oxides with persulfates to o-aminophenols (see 1st edition). ; Sims, P. J. Chem. SOC. ; Sims, P. J. Chem. SOC. J. J. Am. Chem. SOC. J. J. Org. Chem. J. Org. React. =" + KCN H + 0-7 N 1 2 f N 0 EtMgBr 7 0°-*00* 3 (82%) 0 4 (78Y0)~ 1 Bruylant, P.

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