Robin Hobb's Blood of Dragons (The Rain Wilds Chronicles, Book 4) PDF

By Robin Hobb

ISBN-10: 0007444133

ISBN-13: 9780007444137

Years in the past, the incredible dragon queen Tintaglia cast a cut price with the population of the treacherous Rain Wilds. In trade for her defense opposed to enemy invaders, the people promised to guard an unhatched brood of dragons. but if the dragons emerged as vulnerable and misshapen hatchlings not able to fend for themselves, dragonkind appeared doomed to extinction. whilst even Tintaglia abandoned the crippled younger dragons, the Rain Wilders deserted the load of taking care of the harmful and starving creatures. They have been banished to a perilous and grueling trip looking for their old dragon place of birth, the misplaced urban of Kelsingra, observed through a band of younger and green human keepers, additionally deemed broken and disposable.

Against all odds they've got came across the fabled urban, but myriad demanding situations stay. Sintara, Mercor, Heeby, Relpda, and the remainder of the dragons fight to discover their wings--and their independence. Their human escorts, too, needs to cope with unsettling upheaval: Thymara, Tats, Rapskal, Sedric, and the others are becoming Elderlings--true dragon partners. As outdated ideas crumple to new alliances, mystery fears, and grownup wishes, the keepers needs to redefine their lives as they try to reawaken Kelsingra to its former glory. yet gaps within the dragons' stories depart all of them suffering to recuperate the magic that after lively the nice city.

As the younger Elderlings danger "memory walking" within the city's hidden heritage, an outdoor risk is starting to be. The Duke of Chalced has dispatched his forces to the Rain Wilds with a compelling project: slaughter the dragons in an try to stave off his personal loss of life. The tide of heritage is set to show on a life-and-death conflict that may finally make a decision the dragons' destiny. in the event that they win, the regal serpents will rule the area once again. And in the event that they lose, they are going to vanish from the area endlessly.

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