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By Nicolas Raymond

ISBN-10: 3037191694

ISBN-13: 9783037191699

This publication is a synthesis of modern advances within the spectral thought of the magnetic Schrödinger operator. it may be thought of a catalog of concrete examples of magnetic spectral asymptotics.

Since the presentation consists of many notions of spectral conception and semiclassical research, it starts with a concise account of suggestions and techniques utilized in the ebook and is illustrated via many straightforward examples.

Assuming quite a few issues of view (power sequence expansions, Feshbach–Grushin discount rates, WKB buildings, coherent states decompositions, basic kinds) a conception of Magnetic Harmonic Approximation is then verified which permits, particularly, exact descriptions of the magnetic eigenvalues and eigenfunctions. a few components of this concept, akin to these with regards to spectral mark downs or waveguides, are nonetheless available to complex scholars whereas others (e.g., the dialogue of the Birkhoff basic shape and its spectral effects, or the consequences on the topic of boundary magnetic wells in size 3) are meant for professional researchers.

Keywords: Magnetic Schrödinger equation, discrete spectrum, semiclassical research, magnetic harmonic approximation

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L/. 6 is called a Weyl sequence. 7. L/. P /. In any case, we have P ¤ 0. Proof. L/ iff (i) L is injective with closed range. L /. We have Z 1 P D . L /. 1) to , € and L to get that P u D u. L /un / goes to zero and kun k D 1. P Id/un ! 6). 8. If value. L/ is isolated with finite multiplicity, then it is an eigen- Proof. The projection P D P commutes with L. Thus we may write L D Ljrange P ˚ Lj ker P : The spectrum of L is the union of the corresponding spectra and in these spectra. By definition, we have Z 1 .

H is defined by R ˛ D m j D1 ˛j kj and RC W H ! hu; kj i/1Äj Än . Then, M W H Cm ! H Cn is bijective. H/ with kPk Ä "0 , à  MCP R ; RC 0 is bijective. E0 / D n only if E0 is bijective. m and M C P is bijective if and Proof. We leave the proof of the bijectivity of M to the reader. By using a Neumann series, we can easily prove that  à MCP R ; RC 0 is bijective when P is small enough. M C P/ C E0 RC D 0 ER D 0 : 36 1 Elements of spectral theory From this, we get that RC and E are surjective and that R and EC are injective.

Let us notice that the essential spectrum is Π; C1/, where is the lowest eigenvalue of the Dirichlet Laplacian on the cross-section. The proof of the existence of discrete spectrum is 16 0 A magnetic story elementary and relies on the min-max principle. Letting, for Z q. / D 2 H10 . /, jr j2 dx ; it is enough to find 0 such that q. 0 / < k 0 kL2 . / . Such a function can be constructed by considering a perturbed Weyl sequence associated with . 3. 4. 3 Waveguides and magnetic fields Bending a waveguide induces discrete spectrum below the essential spectrum, but what about twisting a waveguide?

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