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41 Kat Alexis Chest heaving and sweat dotting his brow, all thoughts escaped Dane’s brain as Natalie trailed her nails across his shoulders, digging in and pressed down onto his pelvis. Grinding his cock into her pussy. He growled as her fingers traveled down his arms and tightened on his biceps as she kept riding him like a stallion. Unable to take it anymore, Natalie leaned back and pulled him with her, tumbling them out of the chair onto the plush carpet. He caught his weight with his arms so as not to crush her, but she was beyond caring at this point.

Zings of electricity coursed through him. Her admission had fired his blood. Nat’s eyes darkened. The beautiful brown orbs were full of lust but she chewed on her lips as she waited for him to say something. He’d do better than talk. He’d show her exactly how he felt. Her full lips parted as his hands moved to cup her breasts and fondle them. Hot breath caressed his face as she stared at him. ” His voice echoed in the empty boardroom. There were red and pink Valentine’s decorations spread on a table by the wall surrounding silver platters of the most delicious looking chocolates.

Not so fast. ” Grabbing the brush, he turned and dipped it into the chocolate fountain, coating the bristles with the flowing liquid. She opened her thighs wider as he painted and brushed the chocolate over her labia. Careful not to miss a single part of her, he pulled back the little hood and brushed around her clit. A harsh cry rung from Nat’s throat as she came. Dane threw the brush down and latched onto her pussy, licking and sucking the sweet creamy chocolate from her center. Another orgasm washed over her and Nat clamped her thighs around his head and 40 Candy-Coated Passion drove her fingers into his hair, holding him steady as he continued to lick and suck her to yet another climax.

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