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This assortment attracts jointly a exclusive team of authors to discover how capitalism contributes to the advance and underdevelopment of the 3rd international. It offers an exceptional review of key techniques equivalent to "capitalism", "development","modernization" and "dependency".

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Many analysts now talk about democracy as a new ‘global revolution’ (Rustow 1990). What we lack 36 DE MOCRACY AND DEVE LOPME NT though is a debate on what vision of liberal democracy, social democracy or another, might be viable in those parts of the globe with a less than democratic history. We still need to explore further what conditions or factors facilitate or hinder the development of democracy. We have mainly focused in this chapter on the relative importance of socioeconomic or structural factors, but the strictly political factors are certainly just as important Democracy in the so-called ‘Third World’ means essentially a national democracy (Ruiz 1991).

But development can be a lodestar. We can try to force the pace on the secular trends of the capitalist world-economy, exactly what capitalists fear most. The local and localized demands for greater participation and higher real income, that is, worldwide unruliness by producers in the loci of production (using this term in its broadest sense) is politically mobilizing and economically redistributive. It also disarms the tenants of the status quo of some of their best weapons: the political divisions between proletarian and semi-proletarian households (nationally and worldwide); and the appeal to sacrifice (of the surplus each produces) on behalf of the state.

An implicit assumption is that authoritarianism, by controlling labour and incomes generally, can provide higher growth rates. Yet there is a counterargument that, put crudely, democracy ‘is good for business’ in the sense that constitutional political environments and respect for individual liberties are part of the essential framework for entrepreneurial economic achievements (Munck 1993). Before we can conclude on how strong the relationship between democracy and capitalist development is, we need to examine the actual record in more detail.

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