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By Prof. Dr. Igor Klatzo (auth.)

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Secondly, the Politbureau eagerly expected a testimony that Lenin's brain would reveal features which, in Vogt's opinion, could indicate an extremely high intellectual potential of its owner, compatible with a "genius". This second point presented Vogt with a serious dilemma: how could he present findings on Lenin's brain which would be acceptable to the Politbureau, and would not jeopardize German-Russian rapprochement, and yet would be unimpeachable for scientific truthfulness. He realized that he was facing an extremely complex and difficult problem.

The second stroke occurred in December 1922 and the third one on March 6, 1923 [6], after which Lenin's condition greatly deteriorated, with severe aphasia, right hemiplegia, occasional clouded consciousness, and muscular jerking on the left side. Although Lenin, after the first stroke, was occasionally seen by some of the prominent clinicians from the West and repeatedly by Foerster, the Politbureau, which ruled Russia in Lenin's absence, became greatly disturbed about the condition of their leader after the third stroke and promptly decided to call a consilium of the most outstanding medical experts to evaluate his condition.

In 1908, in spite of brilliant work and publications, Brodmann's quest to obtain the rank of Dozent (which is roughly the equivalent to an Assistant Professor at an American university), was summarily rejected. This deeply disappointed Brodmann, bringing his insecurity about the future in Berlin almost to the verge of paranoia, and it contributed to his decision to leave the "Neurobiological Laboratory" in 1910, in order to work at Prof. Gaupp's Psychiatric clinic in Tiibingen. The other possible factor in Brodmann's decision to leave Berlin may have been the feeling that he was not getting full credit for his contributions, particularly for his important studies on the correlation of cytoarchitectionic observations with responses to electrical stimulation, which were summarized in two major publications [50, 51] by the Vogts, without Brodmann's co-authorship.

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