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By Alain P. Foucault

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This quantity within the Chromatographic technological know-how sequence introduces centrifugal partition chromatography (CPC) for any biphasic approach, delivering thorough insurance of instrumentation, concept, liquid-liquid partition co-efficients and CPC in natural and inorganic chemistry. Over eighty diagrams for three-solvent platforms that may be utilized to nearly all partitioning, separation and purification occasions, are contained.

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Is plotted the resolution given by the HPCPC, against FIX, in hour-1. 5 Figure 12 Variation of the resolution Rs with the ratio of the mobile phase in the column, V&, whatever the flow rate, thatis, Rs =f(V& ,W); linked plotsare those correspondn Same system as in Fig. 10; test solutes: 1: diethyl phthalate, ing to the V m ~ conditions. 2:dipropylphthalate,3:ethylphenylacetate, butylphenylacetate. R4/3, R3/2, R2/1 means resolution between peaks 4 and 3 and 2, 2 and 1, respectively. It clearly appears thatwhen the elapsed time andthroughputbecome significant (preparative and productionscale), the HPCPC allows one to achieve a good resolution in a short time, because of its quasiindependence with the flow rate at V,min conditions.

The flow rate was 5 mumin. 5 mg/L of NPEO was extracted. 5 mg/L = mg. 041 Q .. 01- . . . 0 1 Elution Volume L 2 Figure 7 Effect of the flow rate on the extraction efficiency. A lower flow rate gives a higher efficiency. Bothmeasurementsweremadewith six cartridges, rpm, 23”C, and 60 ml ethyl acetate extractant volume. 5 mg/L. of the NPEO wasstill being removed. Overall, of the NPEOpresent in the raffinate was extracted; mg of W E 0 was concentrated into m1of ethyl acetate extractant. For comparison, assuming the m1of ethyl acetate were equilibrated with the L of waste water(polluted by mg NPEO), they would extract only mg ofW E 0 leaving the other mg in the L of water.

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