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2. Separation of the enantiomers of 3,3-dimethyl-2-butanolon a squalane column containing the 1R-enantiomer of the nickel complex indicated in Structure XIV (ca. 2 M solution). 0 ml/min, N2 (split ratio 150). The assignment of each peak to a particular enantiomer was not indicated. (Reproduced from Ref. ) 600- 500. -PPh2 Fig. 3. Retention indices ( / R ) of C5 hydrocarbons: 1 = I-pentene; 2 = Z-2-pentene; 3 = E-2-pentene; 4 = 1-pentyne; 5 = 2-methyl-I,3-butadiene. -PPh2 = diphenylphosphineorganosilane column only; -CuCl2 = -PPh2 column containing coordinated CuC12; -CuBr2 = -PPh2 column containing coordinated CuBr2.

1 GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY This section examines recent developments and applications in inorganic GC, mainly for the period 1982-1989,and covers aspects dealing with elements, binary compounds, coordination compounds, anions, and organometallics. Relevant aspects of the thermochromatography and supercritical-fluid chromatography of these groups are also included. Developments in inorganic GC generally parallel developments in column technology, detection systems, reaction chromatography systems, and new methods of derivatization.

However, such methods appear less desirable than conventional, direct methods. For derivatization, either broad-spectrum reagents or nearly specific reagents can be used. Whereas the former generally give hydrolytically unstable derivatives, alkylating reagents have been used successfully with aqueous systems involving phase-transfer catalysis to facilitate extraction and derivatization. With pentafluorobenzylmethanesulfonate it was also possible to alkylate Br-, I -, and CNS - directly in aqueous solutions, References on p .

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