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By Dean F. Martin and Barbara B. Martin

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G. , Cocker D. R. & Purvis-Roberts K. L. Determination of methylamines and trimethylamine-N- oxide in particulate matter by non-suppressed ion chromatography. Journal of Chromatogra‐ phy A; 2010; 1217(13) 2070-2073. [28] Moldoveanu S. C. & Kiser M. Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry versus liquid chromatography/fluorescence detection in the analysis of phenols in mainstream cig‐ arette smoke Journal of Chromatography A 2007; 1141(1) 90-97. , Stokke T. , Jgensen, K. B. & Beyer J. Characterization of al‐ kylphenol metabolites in fish bile by enzymatic treatment and HPLC-fluorescence analysis Chemoshpere 2008; 71(7) 1392-1400.

4. Buffer In ion exchange chromatography, pH value is an important parameter for separation and can be controlled and adjusted carefully by means of buffer substances [18]. In order to prevent variation in matrix and protein net charge, maintenance of a constant mobile phase pH during separation is essential to avoid pH changing which can occur when both protein and exchanger ions are released into the mobile phase [11]. By means of buffer substances pH value can be controlled and adjusted. Concentration of H+ and the buffering component influence the protein binding to the stationary phase, chromatographic resolution and structural as well as functional integrity of the protein to be separated.

Zhao et al. [25] proposed a simple and ecofriendly ion chromatographic method for the determination of Hippuric acid (HA) in human urine (see Figure 12). Hippuric acid is a kind of metabolite of toluene in human body, therefore, HA is a physiological component of human urine if toluene was inhaled. The content of HA in human urine actually is confirmed as a diagnostic marker of exposure to toluene [26]. 5772/55652 toluene lead to a series of diseases such as acute and chronic respiratory effects, functional alterations of the central nervous system, mucous and dermal irritations, and chromosome aberrations..

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