New PDF release: Curse (The Dark God, Book 2)

By John D. Brown

ISBN-10: 1940427096

ISBN-13: 9781940427096

Argoth and Shim have just a brief season sooner than Mokad involves annihilate them. If they're going to outlive, they're going to have to bring up a military of dreadmen and fell-maidens and educate them within the lore.

Argoth sends out a choice to Groves during the western lands and starts to coach Talen, Sugar, and 3 hundred others. yet Mokad isn't ready. Mokad has already despatched an armada with armies from 4 glorydoms. It has additionally despatched its Guardian-a terrifying Divine everybody thinks is a sleth best friend, coming with a call for participation from Argoth himself to affix Shim's men.

Outnumbered and outmatched, humankind is ready to lose its first probability in an age to struggle opposed to those that enslave them. except, after all, this new Grove can be able to do what no different has ever performed before.


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