New PDF release: Dark Promises 04 Flesh and Blood

By Elisa Adams

ISBN-10: 1419901370

ISBN-13: 9781419901379

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And maybe, just maybe, it would help him forget for a little while things he wished he’d never learned—about her, about them. About himself. He turned around, plastered a hard look on his face, and cleared his throat. “Okay. Let’s finish this. ” Fear flashed across her eyes again. ” She blinked, let out a shaky sigh. He only raised an eyebrow. She’d had him off balance the entire night. It was about time he got the upper hand. Don’t fool yourself. With her, you’ll never have the upper hand, no matter how much you pretend.

He had to make his move before Richardson dialed. Sneaking across the room, his feet a soundless whisper against the polished oak floors, he snaked his arm around Richardson’s neck. The man let out a surprised grunt and dropped the phone, struggled to turn around to get a look at his attacker. That wouldn’t happen. As much as he’d enjoy torturing the man, letting him see his killer just before he died, tonight’s schedule didn’t allow for games. With one twist of his arm, Richardson’s neck snapped.

When she stopped in front of him, he lifted a strand of her shiny dark hair. He brought it to his nose and sniffed, inhaling her rich, feminine scent. “Amazing,” he mumbled before he could catch himself. He dropped the strand, hardened his voice again. He hadn’t known her long, but he’d learned enough about her to know not to push her. Not to add any sort of emotional connection where she so obviously didn’t want one. She’d been fighting for her independence from the second she’d walked through his front door, and he could do nothing but allow her what she wanted.

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Dark Promises 04 Flesh and Blood by Elisa Adams

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