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By Katherine Kurtz

ISBN-10: 1440640157

ISBN-13: 9781440640155

Greater than thirty years in the past, Katherine Kurtz replaced the face of myth with the Deryni Chronicles. In 2005, Ace released a newly revised and improved Deryni Checkmate in hardcover. Now, that version comes in mass marketplace for the 1st time.

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Suggest? There's no suggesting to be done. Those who can swim, swim. The others will have to stay here and hope for the best.

Bigwig went a little way down the run and stopped at the entrance to a large burrow. After speaking a few words that Hazel could not catch, he was evidently called inside. The two rabbits waited in silence, broken only by the continual nervous fidgeting of Fiver. " For some reason he was always referred to as "The Threarah"--perhaps because there happened to be only one threar, or rowan, near the warren, from which he took his name. He had won his position not only by strength in his prime, but also by level-headedness and a certain self-contained detachment, quite unlike the impulsive behavior of most rabbits.

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