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By Gary Gygax

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This fabric was once initially released as seperate modules, D1 (DESCENT INTO THE DEPTHS OF THE EARTH) and D2 (SHRINE OF THE KUO-TOA). Contained herein are referee notes, heritage details, maps, and exploration keys meant to be used with the complex DUNGEONS & DRAGONS principles. The module can be utilized by myself or as part of a longer experience that starts off with Dungeon Module G-1-2-3 (AGAINST THE GIANTS) and keeps with modules D3 (THE VAULT OF THE DROW) and Q1 (QUEEN OF THE DEMONWEB PITS).

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Elf-gnoll sized). It is 10% probable that both arms will be pinned by the claw, 40% probable that one arm will be (75% probability for left arm - assuming the victim is right handed). Trapped opponents lose all shield and dexterity protections, and nearby Kuo-Toans will always strike at _ _ such individuals. Level Number of Hit Dice ,. The shield employed by these creatures is fashioned of special boiled leather, and just before battle it is treated with a special glue which is very sticky. There is a 25% chance that any frontal attack upon a shield-bearing warrior will strike this glue and stick fast until the wielder is able to pull it free (same chance as the individual has of opening a dungeon door).

Description: Jinxkins look as if they were diminutive humans wearing baggy clothing and ill-fitted leather helmets. Closer inspection will show that the baggy “garments” are actually the creatures’ lumpy and many-folded skins, while the “head gear” are in reality the pointed and evilly-visaged heads-all leathery and smooth. The limbs of these creatures are knotty and bowed, with hands and feet tipped with thick nails which are always filthy but nimble. 25 Kuo-Toans spawn as do fish, and hatchlings are raised in pools until their amphibian qualities develop about 1 year after hatching.

Of the stroke due to mischance. p. of damage per cleric or cleric/assassin toanycreaturestruck - half that if the saving throw versus magic is made. The chance of generating such a stroke of lightning is 10% cumulative per Kuo-Toan involved. Each round that priests are acting in conjunction this possibility must be checked. Special defenses of these creatures include their skin secretion which makes it 75% improbable to grapple, grasp, tie, or web a Kuo-Toan. Although their eyes are set on the sides of their heads, Kuo-Toans have excellent independent monocular vision, a very wide degree of field (180*), and they are able to detect movement even though a creature is normally invisible due to magic, astrally projected or ethereal.

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Descent into the Depths of the Earth (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Module D1-2) by Gary Gygax

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