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"Digenis Akritis" is Byzantium's merely epic poem, telling of the exploits of a heroic warrior of "double descent" at the frontiers among Byzantine and Arab territory in Asia Minor within the 9th and 10th centuries. It survives in part in six types, of which the 2 oldest are edited right here. This version and translation goals to spotlight the character of the misplaced poem, and to supply a consultant during the maze of modern discussions concerning the epic and its background.

found this test on-line, wiped clean it up slightly: separated pages, a little straightened a few pages (tried tougher at the Greek pages), extra Greek and English OCR, which appears lovely good--not ideal, obviously.

“Επαινοι και τρόπαια κατορθωμάτων
τοΰ τρισμάκαροξ Ά κριτου Βασιλείου,
τοΟ άνδρειοτάτου τε yεvvαιoτάτou,
ίσχυν εχοντο5 παρά Θεού ώ$ δώρον
και κατατρόπωσαVTOS πάσαν Συρίαν,
την Βαβυλώνα, Χαρζιανήν τε δλην,
Αρμενίαν τε και την Καππαδοκίαν,
τό “Αμόριν τε και τό Ίκόνιν άμα,
τό περίφημον καί μέyα κάστρον ετι,
τό δυνατόν τε καί κατωχυρωμένον,
την “AyKupav λέyω τε καί πάσαν Σμύρνην,
καί τα παρά θάλασσαν καθυποτάξα$.

Praises and trophies for the achievement
of the thrice-blessed Basil the Frontiersman
the bravest and such a lot noble,
who possessed his energy from God as a gift
and has triumph over all Syria,
Babylon, and the complete of Charziane,
Armenia and Cappadocia,
and Amorion and Ikonion as well,
and that famed and nonetheless nice fortress,
powerful and well-fortified,
Ankyra I suggest, and all Smyrna,
and he subjugated the land by means of the sea.

from amazon reviewer Carlos:
Elizabeth Jeffreys' variation of Digenis Akritas is a smart learn! She contains a clean translation of the 2 earliest manuscripts and gives important footnotes for a reader unusual with the Byzantine heritage of the poem. The epic used to be first written down within the 12th century, yet its tale occurs in the course of the interval among the 8th and 10th centuries. i'd certainly suggest someone drawn to medieval literature to ascertain it out.

Basil Digenis Akritas (Basil the Half-Blood Border safeguard) is the most personality in Byzantium's maximum epic. Basil is an Akritai (border shield) at the frontiers of Cappadocia throughout the Arab-Byzantine Wars. His noble delivery by means of the daughter of a Strategos (Byzantine common) and an Arab Emir can in simple terms rivaled via his ridiculous exploits. He slays lions along with his naked arms, hews horses in part with the stroke of a sword, and fights forces ten occasions his quantity with just a stick (Yep). Basil is rewarded with an imperial edict granting him sovereignty over new lands reconquered alongside the Euphrates. in fact our hero isn't excellent, Basil regardless of being married to a gorgeous (and noble) lady, falls into adultery two times. There are tricks of Classical Greece within the task of Eros within the narrative, a serpent that resembles a Hydra, and Basil's exploits are in comparison to Bellerophon and Hercules. yet after all our epic is Byzantine, so there are demonic forces, angelic guardians, supplications to the mummy of God, recitations of the nicene creed, and a hymn to the consubstantiality of the Holy Trinity. for those who loved Beowulf, it will placed a grin in your face. Cheers!

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Note that Alexiou (1985, As') considers E l 7 9 4 - 8 6 7 a later addition despite the lines shared with G (see Jeffreys, 1996, for counter­ arguments). - Gnomic comments and biblical quotations. Odorico, 1989 lists many moralising comments from G, some of which are marked in the manuscript itself (see p. xix above). A few also appear in E. 317-18 (Odorico 20; cf. 326-7 (Odorico 1; cf. 124 (Odorico 2; cf. 203 (Odorico 23; cf. 218 (Odorico 25; cf. 5 4 9 (Odorico 39; cf. 661 (Odorico 54; cf. 838, cf.

The fourteen virtually identical lines that have been referred to already (pp. xxix and Hi) are the prime instances of this. Further lists of lines that can be classed in this way are to be found in Beaton, 1993a. Beaton’s lists, however, do not pretend to be exhaustive and, in particular, they under-report the internal parallels that exist within G and E. g. g. 758 but seeE231. 784, 815, 820, 822. 1022. 1023, 1058, 1148, 1290). Lines of this sort make up the second category of repeated phrases and are the kind of repetition that is found in the fourteenth-century texts.

25). However, the relationships between these historical personages do not correspond to those between the characters in the Digenis text. 37); Soudalis (E928), known as a persecutor of the Paulicians (Polemis, 1968, 16) though in E he is simply an Arab. Further references for the identifications of these names with historical personages and places are given in the Name Index. Arab material Woven in with the putative Paulician references are names that have been similarly identified with Arab persons and places, notably G s Ambron/‘Umar as mentioned above.

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