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By Donald C. O'Shea

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A textbook for simple optical layout that treats lasers, modulators, and scanners as a part of the layout technique. strikes from the best suggestions in optics to a uncomplicated knowing of ray tracing in optical platforms, the parts of these platforms, and the method in which a layout is produced. gains various difficulties, examples, and figures.

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29) In most cases the wavefronts of the two beams when they are recombined are not planar, but are spherical wavefronts with long radii of curvature. The interference pattern for two wavefronts of different curvature is a series of bright and dark rings. However, the above discussion still holds for any point on the screen. Usually, however, the center of the pattern is the point used for calculations. This same path-length difference argument will be used in our discussions of highly reflective mirrors and anti-reflection coatings.

Separated by 1/4)? 26. Show that the equation describing the diffraction of light of wavelength A by a grating whose slit separations are d is given by Eq. 35, assuming an angle of incidence, 8,. APPENDIX A. LIST OF SELECT GLASS TYPES [SEE REF. 21 Glass Number Designation" Glass Number Designation 487704 501564 511605 517642 518651 522595 523515 532488 540597 547536 548458 552635 557586 564608 569561 573576 580537 583465 589613 596392 603380 606439 609589 613443 617366 FK-5 K-10 K-7 BK-7 PK-2 K-5 KF-9 LLF-6 BaK-2 BaLF-5 LLF-1 PSK-3 BaK-5 SK-11 BaK-4 BaK-1 BaLF-4 BaF-3 SK-5 F-8 F-5 BaF-4 SK-3 KZFS- 1 F-4 618551 622532 623581 624470 626390 636353 648338 652449 652585 664358 670471 673322 683445 689495 697562 717295 720504 723381 740283 744448 762266 783371 785258 808408 55k-4 55k-2 SK- 15 BaF-8 BaSF-1 F-6 5f-12 BaF-51 LaKN-7 BaSF-2 BaFN-10 5f-5 BaF-50 LaF-23 LaK-24 SF- 1 LaK-10 BaSF-51 5f-3 LaFN-2 5f-14 LaF-22 5f-11 LaSFN-3 The designation is the catalog type given in the Schott glass catalog.

Since this direction is perpendicular to the propagation direction of the light, light waves are transverse waves. The form of polarization of light can be quite complex. However, for most design situations there are a limited number of types that are needed to describe the polarization of light in an optical system. 17 shows the path traced by the electric field during one full cycle of oscillation of the wave ( T = l/v) for a number of different types of polarization. 17. Three special polarization orientations: (a) linear, along a coordinate axis; (b) linear, components along coordinate axes are in phase (A4 = 0) and thus produce linear polarization; (c) same components, 90" out of phase, produce elliptical polarization.

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