Europe since 1914. Enciclopedia of age of war and - download pdf or read online

By Merriman, Winter

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Ending the deployment of nuclear weapons in Britain was one of their aims, which would lead, they hoped, to step-by-step nuclear disarmament. Similar demonstrations were held in Germany, bringing together clergymen, trade unionists, and students. A second dimension to the anti-American character of the European New Left was its championing of radical causes challenging the United States as the free world’s hegemonic power. The first of these struggles was the war for national liberation in Vietnam.

At the Fifteenth Party Congress in December 1927 Stalin’s supporters crushed the United Opposition, and by the spring of 1928 they had begun a campaign against ‘‘rightist’’ opponents of coercing the peasantry. This was the last open opposition movement within the party in Stalin’s lifetime. In the winter of 1927–1928 the economic planning agency, Gosplan, formulated the first formal central economic plan. Finally, in the early spring of 1928 the party Central Committee began a campaign to force journalists and writers to promote the party’s agenda actively in their work.

In the chaos of the civil war, government coordination of production and rationing frequently failed, and the populace had to engage in illegal private economic activity on a massive scale in order to survive. By 1921 the civil war and war communism had devastated the economy and depopulated many cities. Soviet rubles were nearly valueless. Confiscation of peasant grain supplies contributed to catastrophic declines in harvests and widespread famine. In industry and mining, production dropped to around one-fifth of prewar totals.

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Europe since 1914. Enciclopedia of age of war and reconstruction - Nagy - Switzerland by Merriman, Winter

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