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By Rockford Lhotka

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Unfortunately, the hardest physical tier to scale up for more users is the database server, since it is difficult to use load-balancing techniques on it. The only real alternative is to buy bigger and bigger server machines. Business Logic in the UI Tier Another common approach is to put all of the business logic into the UI. The data is validated and manipulated in the UI, and the Data Storage layer just stores the data. NET). Figure 1-11. Business logic deployed with only the UI Unfortunately, in practice, the business logic ends up being scattered throughout the UI and intermixed with the UI code itself, thereby decreasing readability and making maintenance more difficult.

Due to this, you’re able to support a variety of physical n-tier architectures with one code base, whereby your business objects contain no extra code to support the various possible deployment scenarios. What little code you need to implement to support the movement of your objects from machine to machine will be encapsulated in a framework, leaving the business developer to focus purely on the development of business logic. NET’s ability to move objects around the network automatically, it’s now time to discuss business objects in more detail.

The UI code must also interact with logic in the business layer to validate user input, to perform any processing that’s required, or to do any other business-related action. Basically, the goal is to write UI code that accepts user input and then provides it to the business layer, where it can be validated, processed, or otherwise manipulated. The UI code must then respond to the user by displaying the results of its interaction with the business layer. Was the user’s data valid? If not, what was wrong with it?

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