Feminism: opposing viewpoints by Jennifer A. Hurley PDF

By Jennifer A. Hurley

ISBN-10: 0737705078

ISBN-13: 9780737705072

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He then ripped out the phone, locked her in a second-floor bedroom, and left the house. She barely survived, and the little boy she bore that day has al46 Feminism Frontmatter 2/27/04 2:40 PM Page 47 ways been small and frail. Carol miscarried after her husband knocked her down and kicked her repeatedly in the belly. He threatened to kill her if she tried to leave. ” Instead, she killed him with his own gun and was sentenced to twenty years in prison, where she bore her child and gave it up for adoption.

Although civil rights laws have for thirty years barred gender discrimination in hiring, pay, promotion, and termination, women applying for nontraditional jobs and women workers throughout the labor force still frequently encounter overt and covert discrimination. As a result, women workers continue to win multimillion-dollar job-discrimination lawsuits, focusing on inequalities in hiring, pay, and promotion. Getting the Facts About Working Women’s Pay In 1994, the Women’s Bureau did both a popular and a scientific sampling of what it means to be a working woman in America today.

More importantly, the entire household benefits economically when its members receive fair pay for work of equal value. What Is Fair Pay or Pay Equity? Fair pay or pay equity tries to eliminate sex and race discrimination in wage-setting practices. It means equal pay 31 Feminism Frontmatter 2/27/04 2:40 PM Page 32 for work of equal value, even when that work is different. Fair pay corrects a common practice of paying less for work performed by women. Women may perform jobs with different duties from the jobs performed by men, but if the “male” and “female” jobs are equally valuable to the employer, they should be paid comparably.

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