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Another way of stating their size is that they have a degree of polymerization (DP) of 320. Conversely, they have a DE of 33 to 5. Thus, maltodextrins are a family of products having a wide range of functional properties and food applications. Their sweetness will vary inversely with their DP. Inulin Syrup Inulin is a polysaccharide found typically in the rhizomes and roots of plants, such as onions, Jerusalem artichokes, chicory, etc. It consists primarily of fructose, with inulin from some sources containing some glucose units.

Determination of authenticity and percent juice of cranberry products. In: Nagy S, Attaway JA, Rhodes ME, editors. Adulteration of fruit juice beverages. New York: Marcel Dekker, pp. 139–174. Beckers M, Grube M, Upite D, Kaminska E, Danilevich A, Viesturs U. 2008. Inulin syrup from dried Jerusalem artichoke. LLU Raksti 21:116–121. Code of Federal Regulations. 2010. 30: Percentage juice declaration for foods purporting to be beverages that contain fruit or vegetable juice. com/vid/101-percentage-juice-purporting -contain-19705632.

For example, the systematic name for lactose is 4-O-␤-D-galactopyranosylD-glucopyranose. Reducing disaccharides will have both ␣ and ␤ forms, the designation being for the orientation of the anomeric hydroxyl, not the glycosidic linkage. , the sugar will no longer be lactose). 9. Lactose is also known as milk sugar and has nutritional relevance because of lactose intolerance (inability to digest lactose) that is prevalent in some human populations. Sucrose is a nonreducing sugar; hence, both anomeric carbons participate in the glycosidic linkage.

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