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By Naomi Kritzer

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From the acclaimed writer of Fires of the Faithful comes the story of an impetuous younger girl, freeborn in an international of slavery and magic. Twenty-year-old Lauria is the favourite aide to Kyros, a strong army officer. On his authority, she is messenger, observer, and secret agent. yet now she is entrusted with a undertaking extra harmful than any that experience come ahead of Freedom's Gate.

After years of relative peace, observe has come to Kyros’s compound that the bandit tribe often called the Alashi is making plans an offensive. it truly is as much as Lauria to infiltrate the Alashi via posing as an escaped slave—a cost that calls for she serve within the loved ones of a neighboring officer. From there, she's going to level an get away and proceed on in her guise as a runaway. yet posing as a slave—a virgin concubine,
no less—may end up the least of her problems. For whether she does break out and the Alashi do settle for her, how can this freeborn lady persuade them she is slave, now not secret agent? And, worse, what if her personal perspectives are progressively altering, calling every thing she believes approximately her global into query?

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A huge host erupted from all sides. They not only drove back Fingon's host, but pursued and encircled them. Most of the Men of Brethil fell at the rearguard. 21 At last Maedhros arrived. 22 The eastern host never came to Fingon's rescue, however, for still another army was loosed from Angband — led by Glaurung the dragon and Gothmog the Balrog. Glaurung and his forces assailed Maedhros. Simultaneously, the traitorous Uldor broke away, attacking Maedhros in the rear, while on the right Maedhros was beset by more Men who swept from the hills.

Nogrod and Belegost were destroyed, and the Dwarves fled to other parts of the mountains. It was possible that the Tower Hills and the west—east ridge of the Ered Luin were newly formed at that time. 7 It has been assumed that the former were utterly destroyed, with only occasional remnants, such as the Grey Mountains. Bays and coastlines were altered elsewhere as well. The submergence of about one million square miles could have raised the level of the sea enough to produce drowned river mouths, embayments (such as near the later sites of Dol Amroth and the fortress of Umbar), and isolation of some higher areas into offshore islands (such as Tolfalas).

11 Lúthien healed the wound Beren had received in the affray, and they returned to a glade in Doriath. Yet the quest was not achieved, so Beren set out again — only to be followed by Huan and Lúthien. As Beren stood on the skirts of Taur-nu-Fuin, they approached him in the forms they had taken on at Sauron's Isle — a wolf and bat. 12 Beren then was arrayed as the wolf, and Huan returned to the south. Thus disguised, Beren and Lúthien crossed to the Gate of Thangorodrim. There Lúthien enchanted the great wolf Carcaroth, and later, Morgoth.

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