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By Hans G. Feichtinger, Thomas Strohmer

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In his paper thought of verbal exchange [Gab46], D. Gabor proposed using a kin of features acquired from one Gaussian by means of time-and frequency­ shifts. every one of those is definitely focused in time and frequency; jointly they're intended to represent a whole selection of construction blocks into which extra complex time-depending features should be decomposed. the applying to conversation proposed through Gabor used to be to ship the coeffi­ cients of the decomposition into this relations of a sign, instead of the sign itself. This remained a proposal-as a ways as i do know there have been no seri­ ous makes an attempt to enforce it for verbal exchange reasons in perform, and actually, on the severe time-frequency density proposed initially, there's a mathematical obstruction; as was once understood later, the family members of shifted and modulated Gaussians spans the gap of sq. integrable features [BBGK71, Per71] (it even has one functionality to spare [BGZ75] . . . ) however it doesn't represent what we now name a body, resulting in numerical insta­ bilities. The Balian-Low theorem (about which the reader can locate extra in a few of the contributions during this booklet) and its extensions confirmed related mishap happens if the Gaussian is changed through the other functionality that's "reasonably" gentle and localized. One is hence led obviously to contemplating the next time-frequency density.

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The sampled short time Fourier transform) and the synthesis mapping is given by the Gabor expansion (6). In principle there exists two basic setups for the use of Gabor systems, which pervade most applications: • The overall system acts on the sequence space £2(9) (where g is some LCA group) by (i) Gabor synthesis, (ii) (desired or undesired and mostly linear but probably nonlinear) modification, (iii) Gabor analysis. g. the so-called multicarrier modulation schemes in digital communication, see Fig.

Using the dual frame we obtain the series representation for all I E IHI (26) n n with en = (I, In) being the minimal norm sequence which can be used for a representation of f. , independently of the order of summation. M. Janssen ABSTRACT - We present formulations of the condition of duality for Weyl-Heisenberg systems in the time domain, the frequency domain, the time-frequency domain, and, for rational time-frequency sampling factors, the Zak transform domain, both for the one-dimensional time-continuous case and the one-dimensional time-discrete case.

A sequence satisfying2 (22) which is also complete in the sense that every f E 1HI can be approximated by finite linear combinations of elements from {en}. In a Hilbert space 1HI completeness of a family {gi} can equivalently be described by the property that (f, gi) = 0 for all i E I implies f = O. Especially in the context of Gabor families the reader should be aware that this does not always imply that a series expansion of arbitrary elements f E 1HI is possible. Indeed, Gabor's original family is an instance of this situation.

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