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By Erle Montaigue

ISBN-10: 0949132071

ISBN-13: 9780949132079

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138 137 Method No. 6. This is also part of the series called ‘Arn’ and begins where we left off the small San-Sau at Photo No. 62. Your right one knuckle punch has just struck to CV 22. Using the momentum from that last movement, your right back-palm will strike violently up under his chin and neck thus forcing his head back and causing great physical disruption. (Photo No. 135). Using that same momentum, instantly slam your right palm down onto his ST 12 point. This point when struck in this way takes the will to fight away and also breaks the clavicle.

82). This will cause great local pain as well as energy drainage causing weakness in his upper body. SI11 Figure number 15 88 The above method is one of the most difficult but if you can get it, all of your other techniques will be enhanced as it is teaching you how to move your body in accordance with what the opponent is doing to you. If you just can’t get it, or he keeps escaping, then you are only using your arms and hands and not making use of the whole body in the technique. You should be able to either break his 89 28 Training Methods elbow or his wrist depending upon the way you turn your waist.

KD 10 is Figure No. 19). This series of movements is traditionally called the ‘Water’ attack as each movement attacks to kidneys causing renal failure and death. Method No. 7 This is still part of the posture called ‘Arn’ and begins from where we left off the Small San-sau at Photo No. 68. You have struck to his ribs using the back of your right palm. Immediately after striking with your right palm, you will step with your right foot to slightly behind the attacker and using the tremendous power generated by the last movement, slam him into his lower abdomen with your left palm.

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