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The endless dimensional research as a department of mathematical sciences used to be shaped within the past due nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. influenced via difficulties in mathematical physics, the 1st steps during this box have been taken by means of V. Volterra, R. GateallX, P. Levy and M. Frechet, between others (see the preface to Levy[2]). however, the main fruitful course during this box is the countless dimensional integration concept initiated via N. Wiener and A. N. Kolmogorov that is heavily with regards to the advancements of the idea of stochastic procedures. It used to be Wiener who built for the 1st time in 1923 a chance degree at the house of all non-stop services (i. e. the Wiener degree) which supplied a great math­ ematical version for Brownian movement. Then a few very important houses of Wiener integrals, specially the quasi-invariance of Gaussian measures, have been came upon by way of R. Cameron and W. Martin[l, 2, 3]. In 1931, Kolmogorov[l] deduced a moment partial differential equation for transition chances of Markov strategies order with non-stop trajectories (i. e. diffusion strategies) and therefore published the deep connection among theories of differential equations and stochastic tactics. The stochastic research created through okay. Ito (also independently through Gihman [1]) within the forties is largely an infinitesimal research for trajectories of stochastic methods. via advantage of Ito's stochastic differential equations you will build diffusion methods through direct probabilistic tools and deal with them as functionality­ als of Brownian paths (i. e. the Wiener functionals).

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Consequently, we have R(X) n H c R(H). 1(CnH) , CER(X). 1 to X. (x) = Ji(x). 1 to X*. 1) a fundamental triplet. In order to answer the above question, we shall introduced the notion of measurabl norm, which is first introduced by Gross[l]. Denote by P the set of all finite dimensional orthogonal projections on H. For PEP, let f(x) = IIPxll, x E H. Then f is a cylinder function on H. 14 Let (H, I . 1 a cylinder measure on H, 11·11 another norm on H weaker than 1·1. 1{ x E H : IIPxl1 > E} < E, then II .

I n } satisfies the consistency conditions of Kolmogorov's extension theorem for measures. 9) where Xj(w) = wi> W = (W1,W2,"') E JRoo. e.. For this purpose, let Pn be the standard Gaussian measure on JRn . 10) 45 §4. 6). Thus cp(O) - Re cp(x) ::; £ + 2cp(0)(B,x, x) , 't/x E H. 11), the above is less than n = But since n ~ £ + 2cp(0) ~)B,ek+j,ek+j). \.. 12). e .. Finally, let X(w) = L~l Xj (w )ej. e. and X is an H-valued measurable function. Put I-t = v 0 X-I. t, ... ,n«x, ed,··· , (x, en)) j=l n = cp(L(x, ej)ej).

3 A subset B of countably normed space X is bounded if and only if every continuous linear functional on X is bounded on B. Proof. The "only if" part is obvious. To prove the "if" part, firstly suppose that X is a normed space and consider the polar of B, BO = {f E X·: sup I (1, x) I::::: I}, xEB which is a closed absolutely convex set in X·. By assumption, every f E X· is bounded on B, say, sUPxEB 1(1, x)1 ::::: c. Then c- 1f E BO which means that BO is an absorbing set hence a barrel. Since Banach space is barreled, BO must 33 §3.

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