New PDF release: Knights of Dark Renown

By David Gemmell

As soon as the mythical knights of the Gabala defended the 9 duchies. Their hearts have been appealing; their armor used to be past evaluate. They have been more than princes, greater than men.
But they have been long gone, disappeared via a demon-haunted gateway among worlds. just one held again -- Manannan, whose each intuition informed him to stick. Now he was once the coward knight, and in torment.
Murder and black magic beset the land. Rumors circulated that the king was once enchanted, replaced, that his soul used to be lifeless . . . and reign of terror was once approximately to begin.
Now Manannan learned he must face his darkest fears: he had no selection yet to journey via that dreaded gate and hunt down his vanished companions.
And the key he could examine there could tear his soul aside . . . .
"A sharp, designated medieval fable. Dramatic, colourful, taut." -- Locus

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