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Research C# starts off with the fundamentals, then dives into the depths of C# improvement with easy-to-use tutorials, ready-to-run examples, and drills. The e-book covers the language gains brought in models 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, with an emphasis at the robust beneficial properties brought in C# 2.0 and the improvements extra in C# 3.0. also, the e-book introduces the IDE and the good points of visible Studio 2005 that bring up productiveness reminiscent of XSD-based IntelliSense, code snippets, clever tags, and refactoring. know about: Generics Iterators nameless varieties and techniques Partial and static periods Nullable forms The namespace alias qualifier estate accessor accessibility Covariance and contravariance Implicitly typed neighborhood variables and arrays item initializers Func delegate forms Lambda expressions and question expressions

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The result would be 26. You can use parentheses to change the precedence of operations: (6 + 4) * 5 In this expression, the addition is evaluated first because the parentheses have higher precedence than the other operators. The addition evaluates to 10, which is multiplied by 5, giving the result 50. 0; These operators are called binary operators because they operate on two operands. 3-6-2 The Modulus Operator (%) The modulus operator (%) is used to get the remainder of division. For example, the following expression: 5 % 2 gives the result 1, while the expression: 4 % 2 gives the result 0.

The statement: x %= y; means divide x by y and store the remainder of the division in y. 3-6-4 Increment and Decrement Operators (++, ––) Increment and decrement operators are classified as unary or primary arithmetic operators because they have only one operand. Consider the fol lowing statements: x++; y--; The first statement increments the value of x by 1, while the second decrements the value of y by 1. The value of the expression that contains this kind of operator changes according to whether the ++ or –– operator comes before (prefix) or after (postfix) the variable.

2-3 Using Local Variables Local variables are declared inside methods. You can use local variables to store data of various types. WriteLine("The string is: " + myString); Following is a program that uses a local variable and a text message. cs // Local variables. WriteLine("The string is: "+ myString); } } Output: The string is: Hello, World! The C# language contains many numeric data types, which are explained in the following chapters. For example, you can declare an integer variable like this: int myInt; You can also declare and initialize the variable in the same statement: int myInt = 123; As you can see in the example, to initialize a variable you actually assign it an initial value.

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