Download e-book for iPad: Legends of the Fire Spirits: Jinn and Genies from Arabia to by Robert Lebling, Tahir Shah

By Robert Lebling, Tahir Shah

ISBN-10: 1845119932

ISBN-13: 9781845119935

When Westerners examine a genie, the 1st picture that involves brain might be Barbara Eden in her crimson harem pants or the illuminated blue buffoon from the lively Disney movie Aladdin. yet to the folks of the Arab and Islamic worlds, the image is dramatically various. Legends of the hearth Spirits appears to be like past Westernized caricatures to immerse the reader within the bright lore of the jinn—the wondrous, frequently problematic, and infrequently terrifying spirit beings of historical Arab and Islamic tradition.

Robert Lebling delves into long-lost money owed, medieval histories, colonial files, anthropologist’s reviews, and traveler’s stories to discover the foundation and evolution of legends that proceed to thrive within the center East and past. He cuts via centuries of Orientalists’ cultural presumption to craft a examine that stands except the overpowering physique of literature interested by faith within the center East.

A appealing synthesis of background and folklore, this can be the main assorted selection of jinn lore ever assembled in a single quantity. From historical scriptures to The Arabian Nights and past, and with a foreword by means of acclaimed filmmaker Tahir Shah, Lebling has built a accomplished account that not just transcends geographical borders but additionally spans a few 4 millennia.

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And a caller calls, “O seeker of goodness, come forward, and O seeker of evil, desist. ’26 Good jinn, who accept Allah, are not restrained during this period. According to Islam, evil jinn are classed among the three categories of evil spirits (demons) that will be cast into Hell after the Last Judgement:27 1. fallen angels (shayatin or ‘satans’) 2. , jinn that do not accept Islam), and 3. pagan deities (such as Pazuzu, the wind deity of ancient Babylon). Islamic tradition says Allah created the jinn before the creation of Adam.

Ali asked the Prophet whether these cities existed in the same world that humans inhabit. ’ The Prophet said that each city was guarded by fortresses, and in each fortress there was a garrison of 1,000 men who stood guard each night. The guards’ tour of duty lasted a year. The cities required such garrisons because they contained enormous quantities of gems which had been captured from enemy peoples called Tharis and Taqil. These peoples warred against Jabulqa and Jabulsa unceasingly, day and night.

Its cultural tapestry was rich and diverse. When the Romans seized the city, Palmyra’s main temple, said to have been built by King Solomon of the Israelites, had already stood for two thousand years. Impressive ruins, including temples to Semitic deities such as Ba'al of the Canaanites, Nabu of Babylon and the goddess Allat of Arabia, survive to this day. Ancient jinn reigned in Palmyra as tutelary or guardian deities. Palmyra is perhaps most famous for Zenobia, the beautiful and brilliant third-century Syrian queen who led a revolt against Rome and created a breakaway Palmyrene Empire in Egypt and the Levant.

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Legends of the Fire Spirits: Jinn and Genies from Arabia to Zanzibar by Robert Lebling, Tahir Shah

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