Rose-Marie Dechaine, Strang Burton, Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson's Linguistics For Dummies PDF

By Rose-Marie Dechaine, Strang Burton, Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson

ISBN-10: 1118091698

ISBN-13: 9781118091692

The attention-grabbing, enjoyable, and pleasant solution to comprehend the technology at the back of human language

Linguistics is the medical research of human language. Linguistics scholars learn how languages are developed, how they functionality, how they have an effect on society, and the way people research language. From knowing different languages to instructing desktops to speak, linguistics performs an essential function in society. Linguistics For Dummies tracks to a regular college-level introductory linguistics path and hands you with the arrogance, wisdom, and knowledge to attain your highest.

  • Understand the technology at the back of human language
  • Grasp how language is constructed
  • Score your optimum in college-level linguistics

If you are enrolled in an introductory linguistics path or just have a love of human language, Linguistics For Dummies is your one-stop source for unlocking the technology of the spoken be aware.

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This provides a useful channel for conveying additional meaning through hand gestures or facial gestures such as smiles, grimaces, and nods. Although these signals are different from the primary speech signal, they convey meaning. 31 32 Part I: Looking at Language through the Lens of Linguistics That is, you can smile at someone without ever saying a word, and that is communication. And if you smile while scolding someone for a mistake they made, it changes the meaning of the message by taking the sting out of the words and providing unspoken reassurance that you still like them.

But they can’t switch roles. One-way versus two-way communication Communication is a feature of all biological systems and can be defined as what happens when one organism (or part of an organism) stimulates a response in another organism (or part of an organism). This may be either a oneway process or a two-way process: ✓ One-way communication: For example, when a flower comes into bloom, its sight and smell informs the hummingbird that food is at hand. What makes it one-way communication is that the hummingbird doesn’t transmit information to the flower.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a clue what all those weird symbols in Figure 1-1 mean. Think of this chart as a chemistry table with all the elements listed, except that you’re looking at sound elements rather than chemical elements. Chapter 3 introduces you to the principles of the IPA classification — after you read that chapter, this table will make more sense to you. Chapter 1: Knowing a Language Versus Knowing What Language Is Figure 1-1: The International Phonetic Alphabet. 17 18 Part I: Looking at Language through the Lens of Linguistics Getting along with other players The language game has a lot of players, and wherever there are players, there’s a pecking order.

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