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In Neuron, Vol. 45, No. 5, pages 651–660; March 3, 2005. COPYRIGHT 2006 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC. SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN MIND 31 Diversity at Work “Diversity” in employee teams does not always equal superior performance G E T T Y I M AG E S By Elizabeth Mannix and Margaret A. Neale 32 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN MIND COPYRIGHT 2006 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC. Au g u s t / S e p te m b e r 2 0 0 6 w w w. c o m COPYRIGHT 2006 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC. SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN MIND 33 D Yet the diversity picture is not all rosy, reveals our analysis of 50 years of research.

The renown she doesn’t mind; the affirmation she likes. “It’s nice,” she says, “after years of writing papers people didn’t finish reading, to have people pay attention. ” Yet Mayberg hardly thinks she has solved the big questions of mood and mental health. She hopes to find new tools and new working models to track and treat the complex network that links thought and mood — the cortex and limbic regions — and sends us spiraling into depression when it malfunctions. Most immediately, this search means detailing how area 25 plays so crucial a role.

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN MIND 39 S HOULD W E never even met one of the patients who had the most enduring impact on me. I was just a fourth-year medical student on rotation with the neurosurgery service, excited to participate in a cool, complex case. At my level, I would be relegated to scrubbing in and watching. The chief resident made me feel like part of the team, though, by discussing the case with me and granting me the dubious honor of placing a catheter in the patient’s bladder, a lowly but necessary task.

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