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By Patricia Briggs

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After an upbringing of right habit and oppressive expectancies, Aralorn fled her noble birthright for a lifetime of event as a mercenary undercover agent. Her most up-to-date challenge contains spying at the more and more robust sorcerer Geoffrey ae'Magi. yet in a struggle opposed to an enemy armed with the powers of phantasm, how are you aware who the real enemy is-or the place he'll strike next?

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Conrad Of Mazovia In Mazovia, prince Conrad (who reigned until 1243) was bedeviled by Prussian and Jadzwing raids. He turned to the crusading orders for help, and in the early 1220’s invited Herman von Salza, Grand Master of the Order of Teutonic Knights, to enter the Prussian districts on Crusade. Conrad sweetened the deal with an offer of land near Chelmno. Von Salza wanted more than the right to go on Crusade. He obtained grants from both Emperor Frederick II and Pope Gregory IX, allowing him to set up a permanent, independent establishment in the conquered territories.

Anyone too old or ugly to be valuable was slain out of hand. Fields and homes were torched in the army’s wake. No effort whatsoever was made at conversion. Simultaneously, Archbishop Suerbeer got his case into the Papal courts. The charges against the Teutonics were falsifying Papal bulls, incest, adultery, preventing the sacraments from being administered, accepting as monks in their Brotherhood noblemen who had been convicted of robbery, simony, and assaulting clerics. It all came to nothing.

His policies alienated the Rigan merchants and the nobles, and infuriated the Knights of the Sword. For a year a low-scale war was fought, both legally and militarily, with the Knights gradually losing ground. Just as Baldwin seemed on the verge of victory a new Bishop, Nicholas of Magdeburg, was confirmed in Livonia. Nicholas’s policies undermined Baldwin, and the legate retreated in disarray to Italy where he told the Pope about the riotous, disobedient, arrogant conduct of the Knights of the Sword (towards himself, that is).

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