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The Centurion was once the first British major conflict tank of the publish international battle II interval, and was once a profitable tank layout, with improvements, for lots of many years. The chassis was once additionally tailored for numerous different roles.

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The equipment proved adequate for the task and it was possible to acquire a live stationary target (that is one emitting an infra-red signature such as a vehicle) at SOOyd. Positive identification occurred at 2S0yd but the ranges increased if the vehicle under observation was moving. Weather and atmospheric conditions had a significant bearing on performance as rain or mist degraded the image considerably. The limitation of such a system was that any tank using an infra-red projector in the active mode was readily visible to an 47 Top left: As with most Centurion modifications, it is necessary to see the front of the tank to identify its mark number accurately.

This is not so. With the stabiliser engaged by means of the gunner's spade grip traversing handle, changes in azimuth were corrected and the gun stayed on its bearing relative to hull movement but it was still necessary for the gunner to make fine corrections for loss of lay by inclining his spade grip to the appropriate extent. roller. Once the gunner had acquired the ability to work in co-ordination with the stabiliser and did not anticipate its corrections as he saw his point of aim deviating in Above: Centurion Mk 3 showing salient details.

Other crew weapons included one 9mm Sten machine carbine with 16 magazines, Grenades No 36, No 80 and No 83 (coloured smoke) nine in the turret and J 2 No 80 grenades in the smoke dischargers and a signal pistol with 12 cartridges. ::;i~~~~ ~""'---7 Fuel fill er cap ,30 ca li bre Browning coaxial MG Rea r light Pagoda type air outl et lo uvres Extended trackguards g No 80 White Phosphorous grenades to provide immediate smokescreen at s hort range for self : ~o ec tion. Each discharger had two sets of three : 2 .

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