Modern Trends in Biothermokinetics by G. Rickey Welch (auth.), Stefan Schuster, Michel Rigoulet, PDF

By G. Rickey Welch (auth.), Stefan Schuster, Michel Rigoulet, Rachid Ouhabi, Jean-Pierre Mazat (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9781461362883

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ISBN-13: 9781461529620

This booklet comprises articles in relation to displays given in quite a few kinds (lectures, posters, contributions to around tables, software program displays) on the fifth overseas Biothermokinetics assembly held in Bordeaux-Bombannes, September 23-26, 1992. the truth that not only lectures have been thought of for those court cases displays the goals of BTK conferences to instigate dialogue, advertise clinical cooperation and confront as many various rules as attainable with one another (at most sensible heretical ones). BTK meetings have multiplied a growing number of; one hundred thirty members got here to the 1992 assembly from 20 international locations. It was once accordingly essential to carry the around tables in parallel periods. it really is tricky to have an impartial feeling of what can be chosen because the salient positive aspects of the assembly. because the identify indicates, Biothermokinetics embraces thermodynamic and kinetic techniques to experimental and theoretical investigations of organic strategies, specifically on the mobile point. This "classical" perspective is especially represented within the bankruptcy "Thermodynamics and Kinetics of delivery procedures and organic power Transduction".

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Nakashima, Studies on the mechanism of uncoupling by amine local anesthetics, J. Bioi. Chem. 258:7974-7980 (1983). 3. P. Dabadie, P. Bendriss, P. P. Mazat, Uncoupling effects of local anesthetics on rat liver mitochondria, FEBS Lett. 226:77-82 (1987). 4. H. Terada, O. Shima, K. Yoshida and Y. Shinohara, Effects of the local anesthetic bupivacaine on oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria, 1. Bioi. Chem. 265:7837-7842 (1990). 5. X. D. Garlid, On the mechanism of bupivacaine-induced uncoupling of mitochondria, Biophys.

We found that potato tuber mitochondria had approximately the same value for the coupling coefficient with both substrates, but a lower value for the maximal efficiency, due to the much higher oxidation potential4. Furthermore, the results confirmed our hypothesis concerning the "threshold" value for the oxidation potential. Although the oxidation potential for NADH oxidation is much higher than for succinate oxidation, the value for the "threshold" is approximately the same. This means that with both substrates a large percentage of the input oxidation potential is not used for ATP synthesis.

Thermodynamic response coefficients for the chosen components of the oxidative phosphorylation system with respect to oxygen concentration for various oxygen concentrations. 54 35 response coefficient for cytochrome oxidase is the thermodynamic "price" of the kinetic regulation (maintaining the respiratory rate essentially constant). Taking this into account, the control of the thermodynamic response of external ATP utilization can better be discussed for lower oxygen concentrations if we take into account the phosphorylation subsystem (ATP synthase, ATP/ADP carrier, phosphate carrier and external ATP utilization) alone.

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Modern Trends in Biothermokinetics by G. Rickey Welch (auth.), Stefan Schuster, Michel Rigoulet, Rachid Ouhabi, Jean-Pierre Mazat (eds.)

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