Modern X86 Assembly Language Programming: 32-bit, 64-bit, by Daniel Kusswurm PDF

By Daniel Kusswurm

ISBN-10: 1484200640

ISBN-13: 9781484200643

Sleek X86 meeting Language Programming indicates the basics of x86 meeting language programming. It specializes in the points of the x86 guide set which are so much proper to software software program improvement. The book's constitution and pattern code are designed to assist the reader speedy comprehend x86 meeting language programming and the computational functions of the x86 platform.

Major subject matters of the booklet comprise the following:
* 32-bit middle structure, info kinds, inner registers, reminiscence addressing modes, and the elemental guide set
* X87 middle structure, check in stack, targeted objective registers, floating-point encodings, and guideline set
* MMX expertise and guide set
* Streaming SIMD extensions (SSE) and complicated Vector Extensions (AVX) together with inner registers, packed integer mathematics, packed and scalar floating-point mathematics, and linked guideline sets
* 64-bit center structure, facts forms, inner registers, reminiscence addressing modes, and the elemental guideline set
* 64-bit extensions to SSE and AVX technologies
* X86 meeting language optimization thoughts and strategies

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Obtains processor identification and feature information. This instruction can be used to ascertain at run-time which SIMD extensions are available. It also can be used to determine specific hardware features that the processor supports. cpuid Summary This chapter examined the core architecture of the x86-32 platform, including its data types and internal architecture. It also reviewed those portions of the x86-32 instruction set that are most useful in application programs. If this is your first encounter with the internal architecture of x86 platform or assembly language programming, some of the presented material may seem a little esoteric.

CY. DF to 1. DF to 0. (continued) 23 Chapter 1 ■ X86-32 Core Architecture Table 1-17. (continued) Mnemonic Description lahf Loads register AH with the values of the status flags. SF, EFLAGS. CF. sahf Stores register AH to the status flags. CF (a zero or one indicates the actual value used instead of the corresponding bit in register AH). pushfd Pushes the EFLAGS register onto the stack. popfd Pops the top most value from the stack and copies it to the EFLAGS register. Note that the reserved bits in the EFLAGS register are not affected by this instruction.

Second, the sample program demonstrates proper use of a few more commonly-used x86-32 assembly language instructions. asm are shown in Listings 2-7 and 2-8. sln. Listing 2-7. h" extern "C" void CalculateSums_(int a, int b, int c, int* s1, int* s2, int*  s3); int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[]) { int a = 3, b = 5, c = 8; int s1a, s2a, s3a; CalculateSums_(a, b, c, &s1a, &s2a, &s3a); // Compute the sums again so we can verify the results // of CalculateSums_(). 37 Chapter 2 ■ X86-32 Core Programming int s1b = a + b + c; int s2b = a * a + b * b + c * c; int s3b = a * a * a + b * b * b + c * c * c; printf("Input: a: %4d b: %4d c: %4d\n", a, b, c); printf("Output: s1a: %4d s2a: %4d s3a: %4d\n", s1a, s2a, s3a); printf(" s1b: %4d s2b: %4d s3b: %4d\n", s1b, s2b, s3b); return 0; } Listing 2-8.

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