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When hunters from worldwide assemble in Las Vegas for a convention, a creature left over from a global conflict guns scan wakes up and is going on a rampage around the wilderness. A not-so-friendly guess among the rival businesses becomes a race to work out who can bag the mysterious creature first.

Only there's way more to this actual case than meets the attention, and as Hunters fall prey to their worst nightmares, Owen Zastava Pitt and the employees of Monster Hunter overseas need to cease an historic god from turning Sin urban right into a literal hell on the earth.

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It's not a social visit," Surprise said tersely. " The Gorgon did not comment. "Have some cheese. " Then things abruptly caught up with her, in this moment of relaxation, and Surprise burst into tears. "I would comfort you if I could," the Gorgon said. "But I fear there is worse to come. Humfrey tried to discourage you from coming. " Surprise stared at her. Worse than losing her baby? The Gorgon had been to Hell and back; she surely knew. But the shock stiffened her resolve. " The Gorgon indicated a fat but coverless book on a separate table, beside a pile of colored covers.

I won't be able to keep a proper eye on them while handling the first Challenge. Please, would you keep an eye on them and the peeve while I'm busy? " The serpent nodded. She would do it. " Ted demanded. " Sesame oriented on him, assuming the aspect of a horrendously strict schoolmarm. Forbidding authority fairly radiated from her. The demon child quailed. " There were things to like about Sesame. But now Surprise focused on the first Challenge. The obvious way across the moat was the drawbridge, which remained down across it.

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