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By J.Headly Издательство: New York

Состав маршалов, высших командиров Великой Армии Бонапарта, был неоднороден. Наполеон раздавал маршальские жезлы и представителям старой аристократии, и выходцам из буржуазного, крестьянского сословия. Главным требованием императора была безукоризненная исполнительность и инициатива. Свои колоссальные состояния маршалы Первой империи оплачивали кровью в прямом смысле на полях сражений. Маршал Удино был ранен, к примеру, более 20 раз. Книга американского историка повествует о взаимоотношениях Наполеона и его маршалов. Каждому маршалу отведена отдельная глава.

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If it had ended here, it might have been called the rashness and ardour of youth, crowned unexpected success. But throughout his after career in those long protracted efforts, in which intellect and genius always triumph we ever tind him but none himself to his aid. standing alone, calling took command of the Inexperienced and young, he weak and ill-conditioned army of Italy, and instead of seeking the advice of his government and his Generals, so that he might be screened in case of defeat, where defeat seemed inevitable; he seemed to exult that he was at last alone, and almost to forget the danger that surrounded him, in his joy at having a free and open field for his daring spirit.

Maps were his invariable companions in a camhad and he one always paign, spread out at night in his apartment, or a tent which was always pitched amid the squares of the Old Guards, surrounded with candles, so that he might rise at any moment and consult it: and when on the road or in the field h wanted one, so impatient was he known to be that the two officers who carried them rode down every On sucL thing between them ard his horse or carriage. HIS RIDE TO PARIS. 62 lie would frequently order the map he desired be unrolled on the ground, and stretching himself full length upon it, in a moment be lost to every thing but the campaign before him.

But when he became Emperor of France, he stood on the summit of military renown, and needed and sought no more fame as a warrior. Ho was then ambitious to excel as a monarch. He de in and to of follow the steps England, signed finally her in her mighty progress, by extending The secret commerce, and establishing colonies. outstrip < NAPOIEON BONAPARTE. 35 the whole opposition he received from her after Republic had ceased thcj sprung from her know< of his East was The policy. ledge regarded by him as the appropriate theatre for his ambition but the East, England determined no body should plunder of its enormous wealth but herself, and so she banded Europe together to overthrow him.

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