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Der Kapitalisinus treibt auf eine ausweglose state of affairs zu. Der Lebensstandard breiter Bevölke-rungsschichten sinkt, die Arbeitslosigkeit nirnnit zu. der Ausweg in die Dienstleistungsgesellschaft erweist sich als phantasm. Die Marktwirtschaft wird mit ihren Produktivitätssprüngen - Automation und Globalisierung - nicht mehr fertig.

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Citizens through their bank specie accounts. These bonds are redeemable in 5 to 20 years, interest paid annually, calculated in specie but paid in treasury credit-notes at the current exchange-ratio. Americans could exchange their paper currency for lawful money, deposit it in a specie bank account, then convert those funds to interest-bearing gold or silver savings bonds. This immediately creates a tremendous circulating market for the Treasury’s gold and silver coin, most of which never leaves its vaults.

The tax upon a credit sale or a contract for sale of immovable property where the purchase price is paid in installments is due and payable on each installment payment. If any seller transfers, sells, assigns, or otherwise disposes of an account receivable, they shall be deemed to have received the full balance of the consideration of the original sale and shall be liable for the remittance of the tax on the balance of the total sale price not previously reported. (B) The national sales and use tax is to be collected by the seller from the purchaser only at the retail, end or final transaction and not from wholesalers, or from intermediate sales of items directly used for or incorporated into the manufacture of a product to be ultimately sold at retail, or from sales made to exempt entities such as those made by contractors or subcontractors to the United States government, to its departments and institutions and its political subdivisions when acting in their governmental capacities only, or sales made to qualified exempt organizations.

It raises the exchange value of the standard coin to a point above the exchange value of its bullion content, another way of protecting its circulation. In addition, seigniorage makes feasible the operation of private mints in competition with government mints, assuring the efficiency of both. The Secretary of the Treasury is directed to promote and regulate such operations. S. owned precious metal, but the entire world supply. By honestly following this simple plan the United States will become the monetary capital of the world, its currency immediately acceptable at the published exchange-ratios anywhere on the planet.

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