Off-Canon Pleasures: A case study and a perspective by Armin P Frank PDF

By Armin P Frank

ISBN-10: 3941875957

ISBN-13: 9783941875951

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It seemed to Mr. Parkhill [the instructor] that “door” had been given only a moment earlier, by Miss Mitnick. “Y-es,” said Mr. Parkhill. ” “Another door,” Mr. Kaplan replied promptly (5-6). Mr. Parkhill feels that Mr. ” A less considerate observer who should find Mr. Kaplan’s response impertinent is invited to read this incident in a different light. For to repeat the answer which the teacher has just accepted as a valid response to the same question addressed to another student is not the worst idea for someone who is not sure what nouns are.

True enough: his prestige as an English teacher is on the line. His method, unfortunately, is verbal browbeating: And Mr. Kaplan sees the light and submits (129). Tyranny indeed. In my reading, supported in part by Rosten’s characterization of Mr. Parkhill’s analogy of “hide, hid, hidden” as a semi-syllogism, Mr. Kaplan really sees the light when he recognizes his teacher’s pseudo-argument. But the rhetoric of the chapter on Mr. Kaplan’s “Dark Logic” is calculated to wipe out the impression of the student’s better insight by reducing him, in the end, to the idiosyncrasy of the “rich-skinny,” “die, dead, funeral” kind.

31 To go by this paradigm is to estimate that 25 percent of the humor in the Education of Hyman Kaplan is in this old-style manner. “Dog” – “dok” in Kaplan’s pronunciation – transformed into “dogies” seems to follow the grammatical paradigm of “house” into “houses” but is, instead, a phonological parallel. Just as he would later hum “Heppy Dace Is Here Vunce More,” Mr. ” The exercise had been to give fifteen common nouns and their plural forms (3). Cat, dog, and house are about as common as the other seven of the first ten in the Little Golden Book.

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