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By Nathan Long

ISBN-10: 1844163911

ISBN-13: 9781844163915

Gotrek and Felix arrive again at the southern coast of the previous global to find that the orcs are working rampant because the Empire fights off a Chaos invasion futher inland. To honour an historic pledge, Gotrek is of the same opinion to assist a dwarf prince reclaim his carry from the greenskin invaders who've siezed it, yet our intrepid heroes locate greater than they cut price for within the chilly depths of the mountains.

"A snappy serial within the Tolkein vein attracts its heroes and villains from a a bit of drained set of delusion tropes, yet Long's storytelling skill makes it worthwhile?the narrative continues the momentum all through. a fascinating if by-product myth tale."
-Kirkus Discoveries, VNU US Literary crew

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But you will wait For what time Will bring, You will wait. . And honey will taste more bitter than salt, Your tears more bitter than the wormwood in the steppes, And I know of no pain worse than this, To be alive among so many who are sleeping. But you will wait For what time Will bring, You will wait. . Catching myself trying to sing along out of tune with the quiet female voice, I tugged off the earphones and switched the player off. No. I hadn't come here to lounge around doing nothing. What would James Bond have done in my place?

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