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Letters 24, 76 (1970). - - - - - - - - - - 46 W. : Springer Tracts in Mod. Phys. 47, 111 (1968). Fachberieht 34. Physikertagung Salzburg 30. 9. 1969. - - Naturwiss. 57, 6 (1970). Libby, M. , Thomas, F. : Physics Lett. 30B, 88, 400 (1969). : Nature 223, 690. Mac CaUum, M. A. : Commun. Math. Phys. 20, 57 (1971). McNutt, D. , Feldman, P. : Science 167, 1277 (1970). Misner, C. : Ap. J. 151, 431 (1968). Phys. Rev. 186, 1319 (1969a). Phys. Rev. 186, 1328 (1969b). : Phys. Rev. Letters 24, 742 (1970). Novikov, I.

Considering the difficulties in measuring the (stronger) electromagnetic background (with its large absorption cross section), such an intensity is hopelessly below earthbound sensitivity. Acknowledgements. I have profited from conversations with Professors and Doctors R. Hagedorn~ H. Leutwyler, M. Rees, E. Schatzmann, H. J. Seifert, J. Stewart, and H. D. Zeh. Most helpful have been guidances to the literature by Doctors H. Heintzmann, B. Jones, R. Ruffini, and D. Sciama. Appendix Hagedorn's hadronic gas.

In Hagedorn's hadronic gas, the particle number density is almost constant: n ~ 1 fro- 3. We tentatively estimate the mean free time z between hadron collisions to z = l/nay ~ d/v. From Eqs. (24), (28) we conclude z t -- ~ fmt h - ct 2 ( ) 0 - 1 ; see) 2 ~ (88) so that 10 -14 sec after the big bang an average hadron has performed one collision over another hadron. Collisions with zero rest mass particles occur much more frequently. How far back in time can we trust our special relativistic quantum gas model?

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