Aura Balcony

Hey, what’s that up there? Only one of the coolest and most comfortable sections of AURA, the balcony. With size to host any smaller gathering or social event the balcony is a perfect spot to give your guests a different view of things! Overlooking the spectacular main floor, stage and video wall; our balcony section has all your need. One patron said, “It has everything I need up here! I don’t need to even go downstairs… until it’s time to go home of course!” AURA can easily set up your catering to accompany our full bar which is available for service. The elevator at AURA reaches every floor of the venue including the balcony and creates easy access for guests with accessible needs. On the balcony, we can do anything we do in any of our other spaces. The view here though is extra cool!

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Portland, ME

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Common Kings

Portland, ME

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Common Kings are more than a band of musicians, they are a family, a lifestyle, a community, a brother and sisterhood, having grown up together in California’s Orange County, fou



You can reserve this whole space for your private event; corporate, birthday party, wedding, reception, etc. Call us or click the "reserve" link to fill out the information we'll need to get your reservation started!

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